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Earlier this week, it was announced that the government procurement contract 8 (a) STARS III (GWAC) had achieved “Best In Class” (BIC) designation by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Best in Class is a government-wide acquisition designation used to designate contracts that meet rigorous category management performance criteria.

Building on the success of 8 (a) STARS II, 8 (a) STARS III has a pool of disadvantaged small business (SDB) industrial partners who specialize in emerging technologies that enable government agencies to access to cutting-edge solutions to accomplish IT missions. 8 (a) STARS III includes a range of SDB industry partners offering IT services ranging from simple to complex and service-based solutions such as IT support, information assurance, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence , etc.

BIC designations are awarded to contracts and vehicles that can be used by more than one agency and that meet these five key criteria:

  • Rigorous planning process and requirements definitions
  • Appropriate pricing strategies
  • Data-driven strategies to change buying and consuming behaviors (i.e. demand management)
  • Category and performance management strategies
  • Reviews independently validated

“The 8 (a) STARS GWAC program represents an inclusive opportunity for disadvantaged small businesses to compete in the federal market and gain valuable experience in navigating agency requirements,” said Exodie C. Roe, Associate Administrator of the GSA Small Business and Disadvantaged Business Use Office. , III. “Over $ 18 billion has been awarded through the GSA’s 8 (a) GWACs, and many successful companies have graduated from the SBA’s 8 (a) program to compete on a larger scale. GSA joins SBA with the expectation that this next generation contract will provide excellent opportunities for disadvantaged small businesses.

The BIC designation:

  • Enables procurement experts to take advantage of pre-approved government-wide contracting solutions
  • Supports a government-wide migration to mature, market-proven solutions
  • Help optimize spending, as part of government-wide category management
  • Increases transactional data available for agency-level and government-wide analysis of purchasing behavior

Stakeholders are encouraged to read the award notice and list of initial award winners on and the 8 (a) STARS III GWAC website,, for more information.

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