Indigenous culture, performing arts and emerging technologies are the keys to strengthening creative industries in Western Australia

Released today by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Center, the Creative Industries 2021 report found that Indigenous art and culture, emerging digital technologies, and a thriving and resilient local music scene could help revive the creative economy of India. Western Australia, which is way behind the rest of the country.

Co-author Professor Michael Dockery, a senior researcher at the Bankwest Curtin Economics Center, said the report identified these three outlets as areas of strategic potential for a restart of the creative industries in WA.

“There are opportunities in artistic and cultural work based on Aboriginal cultures with traditional lands spanning the state and the fact that a relatively high proportion of indigenous Western Australians work in artistic and cultural occupations,” said the Professor Dockery.

“In addition to the known benefits for indigenous peoples of engaging with their traditional cultures and strong alignment with regional tourism, creative industries based on indigenous culture offer promising opportunities for economic development in regions and regions. away from the AO. “

Professor Dockery said another area with great potential for boosting the creative economy is the music and performing arts industry, building on past successes and evidence of successful creative hubs in the region. metropolitan area of ​​Perth, especially around Fremantle.

“Creative activity and innovation are also important which capitalize on emerging digital technologies, which transform the nature of creative production and consumption, generate new genres such as games and ICT-based work and are a major engine of growth in the creative industries, ”said Professor Dockery.

“Creative businesses and creative workers represent a resource with great potential to diversify and develop the economy of Western Australia, while improving the quality of life of Western Australians.

“Our report finds the creative industries in WA at an important crossroads. The demand for creative inputs is growing rapidly and there is a strong consumer demand for culture and the arts in this state. In terms of employment and production, however, WA lags behind the nation almost across the spectrum of the creative industries. Add to the mix the challenges and opportunities created by COVID-19, and the years ahead could be decisive in determining whether WA develops its own niche within the creative industries. “

Report co-author Dr Silvia Salazar, a researcher at the Bankwest Curtin Economics Center, said the report also found that the arts and culture sectors of Western Australia’s economy were underperforming, although Western Australians are enthusiastic consumers, on par with other Australians in terms of active participation.

“In WA, the wealthy, young and more educated are more likely to engage in arts and culture, with cinemas and live music being the most popular formats. Women are more likely to frequent cultural venues, such as museums and art galleries, but there is little difference in attendance rates by gender for live performances, ”said Dr Salazar.

“In Metro Perth, the main barrier to attending arts and culture events is ticket prices, while in areas where distance is the primary barrier, attendance rates are much lower.

Research has found that the public is optimistic about the return to the arts, despite COVID-19 inflicting substantial negative demand shocks due to strict restrictions and lockdowns in Western Australia.

“COVID-19 has had a major impact on artists and audiences, especially for live performances. However, WA has weathered the pandemic better than the eastern states and our analysis suggests that border closures have created opportunities for some local artists in the absence of interstate and international artists, ”said Dr Salazar. .

“We also found that COVID-19 vaccinations are expected to be a major contributor to the recovery of the arts and culture industry. While there have been worrying signs of growing reluctance over vaccines recently, the general public is very optimistic about a return to normal engagement with the sector. “

Dr Salazar said that one of the report’s other findings was that the relatively small jewelry and silverware manufacturing industry in Washington state had a comparatively high output compared to other states.

“Music and sound recording activities, as well as the creative and performing arts, are part of Western Australia’s creative industries with employment at least as strong as the rest of Australia as a whole, with opportunities for expansion, ”said Dr Salazar.

“Investing in WA’s creative industries offers opportunities to generate increased economic value and will contribute to the economic diversification of the state by complementing other industrial sectors such as tourism.

“However, investment decisions must also be driven by the positive social benefits that the creative sector can offer and its scope to improve the quality of life of Western Australians.”

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