Infrastructure, education, health and agriculture get their fair share as Oyetola presents naira 129.7 billion budget for 2022

The Governor of Osun State, Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola, presented on Tuesday a total sum of one hundred and twenty-nine billion seven hundred and fifty-six million four hundred and fifty thousand seven hundred and ninety naira (N129 756 450 790 , 00) to the State Assembly as the draft budget for fiscal year 2022.

During the presentation of the budget baptized: “Budget of sustainable development”, on the floor of the State Assembly, revealed that the largest pieces were intended for the sectors of infrastructure, education and health, the agriculture sector also getting its fair share as the 2022 The size of the draft budget was larger than that of the 2021 budget by 109.8 billion naira from over 20 billion naira.

According to the draft budget, “the total recurrent expenditure was N 53,593,627,990.00, representing 41.30%, while the total capital expenditure was N 76,162,822,800.00, representing respectively 58, 70%. “

“The appropriation bill revealed that a total sum of N26,609,441,740.00 went to education; over 19 billion naira to the infrastructure sector; about 16 billion naira to the health sector and about 7 billion naira to the agricultural sector.

Speaking on the budget to lawmakers, Oyetola said that “the budget aims to consolidate and continue the political direction of his administration, and to consolidate the various achievements recorded so far in each sector of the economy of the State “.

“Given the current economic realities, the primary focus of the budget would be to aggressively improve the campaign of internally generated revenue to ensure peak performance in the years to come. “

He said viable strategies had been put in place to increase the state’s revenue without placing an unnecessary burden on residents.

The governor also revealed that all general hospitals in the state will be rehabilitated, just as he hinted that the government will embark on massive construction of new roads in 2022.

“In keeping with our administration’s commitment to ensure that there are no abandoned projects in the state, all existing on-going road projects are under development and will be delivered shortly. These roads include the 17.5 km Oba (Sir) Adesoji Aderemi (east) road; 30 km of road Gbongan – Akoda; 40 km – Osogbo – Ikirun – Ilaodo – Kwara State border road which are underway, as well as the complete rehabilitation of 30 km of the Ilesa – Iperindo – Ipetu Ijesa road.

“This administration has also embarked on the massive construction and rehabilitation of roads across the state. While some are completed, others are in progress.

“These include the construction of the 18.1 km Osogbo – Kelebe – Iragbiji road (including Orita Idiodan – Araromi – Anaye Mkt.); Rehabilitation of 25.8 km Ede (Army Barrack) – Ara – Ejigbo Township Road; Construction of a 0.68 km sky bridge in Olaiya, Osogbo; Rehabilitation of 1.3 km of junction Kuta Palace – Isale Oba Road – Asamu Junction Road; Rehabilitation of 2.3 km Iloro – Aganun – Police headquarters of Division C, Ile-Ife; Reconstruction and completion of 8.1 km of Moro-Yakoyo-Ipetumodu-Asipa road; Rehabilitation of 2.6 km of Nike Gallery – Ido – Osun Township airport with a palace spur; Rehabilitation of 2.5 km of the Ikirun – Eko-Ende road; as well as the construction of a 0.31 km access road to Fountain University, Osogbo, which is underway.

“In a few days, work will start on Lawyer Atanda Road in Iwo. For the Ikire and Ife road network, they are in the process of procurement, while work has started on the Ila-Arandun-Kwara border road, to name a few. All these elements are designed to facilitate the conduct of business, facilitate the easy and fluid movement of citizens and facilitate the transport of agricultural products to urban markets.

“I would like to assure the people of Osun that larger road projects would be awarded as part of the government’s efforts to improve the socio-economic activities of residents of the state. It also contributes to the current administration’s goal of providing adequate, quality and fair service to the right people in Osun.

He added: “We have laid an important foundation for the development of our State’s economy over the past three (3) years with various developments in infrastructure, safety, environment and major improvements in the facility. to do business and grow our internally generated revenue.

“We must now focus on accelerating economic growth and development for all.

“As a state, our vision for the future is clear. Our goal is to achieve inclusive socio-economic growth which is anchored in our Osun Ten-Year Development Plan (2019-2028). Our plan is based on four pillars of development: economic development, infrastructure development, human capital development and security, and environmental sustainability.

“To achieve this, we are committed to deepening the foundations of income diversification and economic sustainability by focusing on agriculture, mining, ICT and innovation, culture and tourism and creative economy without neglecting other important sectors such as infrastructure, water and sanitation, trade and industry. , Education and Health.

“In a broader vision, the central objective of our administration is therefore to make Osun a prosperous state in a secure and sustainable environment through pragmatic, transparent, accountable and inclusive governance. “

Regarding tourism, he said, “Another innovation of our administration is the conscious use of the arts and culture to revitalize our state economy. In accordance with this, the state government had announced the wearing of “Adire Osun”, especially by members of the Cabinet and other political officials of the state on Thursday of every week. The idea is to stimulate interest in promoting our culture, to encourage others to embrace the idea in order to boost our local economy in the long run. The enumeration of local producers of ‘Adire Osun’ is underway. Our intention is to tie producers to financing to stimulate production to meet the expected rise in demand as a result of this policy statement. This will be helped by government intervention to open the ‘Adire Osun’ international market in the near future.

“We have not wavered in promoting our cultural activities in the state. Osun Osogbo Festival, Iwude Ijesa, Olojo Ile-Ife Festival, Isinro Ila-Orangun, Oke Iragbiji and others will continue to receive much needed government support in the coming year. While we may not be where we are supposed to be, we are certainly making steady progress in our efforts to make our tourism industry a source of money for the state. For example, we have gone from cumulatively generating less than two million naira (N2m) in three years combined (2017, 2018 and 2019) to generating over twenty million naira (N20m) in 2020 alone and up to now we have generated over ten million naira (N10m). We are determined to improve it in the years to come, ”added Oyetola.

Earlier, the Speaker of the Osun House of Assembly, the Hon. Timothy Owoeye praised Governor Oyetola’s administration for prioritizing responsibility, probity and prudence in the management of scarce state resources.

He pledged that the legislature would show the necessary commitment to ensure the speedy passage of the budget as it has done in the past by declaring “we will continue to play a supporting role to the executive to continually improve life. citizens.

“I would like to congratulate Governor Oyetola and everyone who participated in the implementation of the 2021 budget for this wonderful job. With a performance of 97% in 2020 and 77% in the second quarter of the 2021 budget, our performance significantly increased our position in the State Committee and also made us an investment destination for local and foreign investors.

“It is important for us as a people to congratulate the Governor and his team for their integrity and their exceptional strategy in managing the finances of the State. Our people must also start to make this gesture by paying their taxes accurately and quickly, ”added Owoeye.


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