The Alexa Fund supports startups working on smart home technologies

Since the early 1900s, creative visionaries have invented new ways to make life at home and at work less demanding. Wi-Fi appeared in 1997 and was made considerably faster over the next decade, leading to the development of Wi-Fi enabled devices. In 2001, 3G and smart mobile technology connected users to their devices through mobile applications using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and finally five generations of cellular technology to communicate with devices.

Most recently, Amazon released the first Amazon Echo in 2014. Today, more than two hundred million people have adopted smart home technologies – and there are millions more who will buy home IoT devices from the Internet. future, whether they are adding smart technologies to their existing homes or buying homes that are fully equipped with smart technologies.

Today’s smart home products and tools lay the foundation for a more environmentally friendly home of tomorrow. Emerging smart technologies are helping more people save energy, water, time and household resources, resulting in less waste and lower costs, including lower home insurance rates with Smart Home security systems. Amazon Alexa integrates with many of these smart new products, providing voice control to people who need or prefer Alexa voice service.

The Alexa Fund was established in 2015 to support promising startups that improve and scale AI, voice, environment, and robotics with the financial support, assistance, and mentorship they need to be successful. Take a look at these innovative smart home products developed with support from the Alexa Fund, all of which work with Amazon Alexa.

Molekule – Bring clean indoor air to people everywhere. Founded on 25 years of research and development, Molekule claims its patented Photoelectrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology destroys the widest range of indoor air pollutants including VOCs, molds, bacteria, viruses and allergens, compared to conventional filters. Molekule points out that its line of air purification solutions have been reviewed and validated by third-party laboratories, as well as ongoing internal testing, and that four of its products have received US FDA medical device clearance for the destruction of viruses and bacteria.

RiseGardens – Grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and microgreens without pesticides at home all year round, without soil or sunlight. RiseGardens says it offers the ability to grow up to 108 plants at a time. They state that their system combines the best of hydroponics with a unique watering system (patent pending) that keeps plants perfectly watered and oxygenated, as well as broad-spectrum LED grow lights that mimic the sun for them. help flourish indoors – all controlled via a mobile app. Available in a modular version allowing up to three levels of growth or a compact version that fits over counters or shelves, RiseGardens seeks to enable a true garden-to-table experience for home cooks and keen eaters. their health.

Range – Replace your home’s old electrical panel with an advanced smart panel that allows you to install electrical devices, switch to solar power, and add an EV fast charger and battery backup without having to put upgrade your service. The makers of Span say their smart panel gives you full control over the individual circuits in your home through a mobile app and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to understand where the energy is being used and coming from (grid, solar, storage) so that you can save on your energy bills, support clean energy, and avoid blackouts.

The Alexa Fund believes that experiences designed around the human voice will fundamentally improve the way people use technology. To this end, the Alexa Fund provides up to $ 200 million in venture capital to fuel innovation in voice technology by supporting entrepreneurs who have amazing voice-fueled experiences and visions.

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